Welcome to the Henkaku Discord Community!

Come explore the world of web3 with our antidisciplinary community of learners. We learn together by working together on projects such as "learning to learn", crypto/NFTs, digital architecture, art, and much more.


Who we are

Hosted by Joichi Ito, former director of MIT Media Lab and current director of the Center for Radical Transformation (CRT) at Chiba Institute of Technology, the Henkaku Discord Community is a place for all culture-and-tech enthusiasts to learn about the world of web3 and create projects together. He also covers several topics related to web3 in his podcast "Road to Henkaku".

What is web3?

web3 is an administrator-less online system built on a blockchain. This realizes a world where ownership of services is passed to all users who contribute to the platform. However, there is still a lot to be learned and discussed about what web3 means to society and how it will affect our lives. If you're curious about web3, but don't know where to start, this is the place for you!

Learn about web3 and co-create projects!

Co-learning with diverse members

We all learn from each other about what web3 is about. There are no silly questions!

Discussions on tech, culture, and more.

We cover web3 basics, NFTs, crypto, and any other relevant topics. Come join the discussions that interest you!

Get members-only NFTs.

We give exclusive NFTs to members of the community. These NFTs serve as a gateway to our special events and opportunities!

Play with web3 tools and services.

We explore novel tools built on the blockchain and services that support its ecosystem.

Cultivate and incubate projects.

We help you incubate projects to be launched in the web3 domain powered by our collaborative community members.

Experiment with social tokens.

We experiment with $HENKAKU, a non-commercial, social token that is used as a currency in our community.


Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse members respect each other, leveraging their differences, and learning from each other

Openness and Challenge

Challenge HENKAKU with curiosity about new technologies and ideas with an open mind

Growth and Fun

Contribute to the growth of the community through learning and co-creating with each other while having fun

Get ready to join our community

Download Discord on your laptop

Think of it like joining a club! Use Discord to chat, hang out, and collaborate with your friends in the online community!


Install MetaMask on your browser

A good place to start is with what is called a "wallet." Think of this, for now, as your ID card and a place to keep tokens.


Send us your entry form. We will get back to you as soon as possible!